175: A corridor of offerings ~ being a specialist

Today’s topic is about specificity. We’re taking about being truly known for one thing and serving one specific audience. 

I came up with an analogy that I’ve shared on a couple of connect calls recently and I think it’s time to bring that analogy here to the podcast. 

So, here it goes…

Online marketers talk about building a funnel. It’s wide at the top to attract a lot of prospects and then gets narrower and narrower until you get to the offer. Once someone gets to the bottom of the funnel they are dropped into your program, course or membership. 

Instead of the funnel being super wide at the top, what if it were more of a hallway. The door at the entrance has a keyword on it and everyone who walks through the door is a prospective student or family. 

In side the hallway or corridor, we have a bunch of doors that the student or family can try, eventually they will find the right door to walk through and join your program, course or membership. The doors can lead to freebies, low ticket offers, high ticket offers and everything else you can think of.

The number of doors or experiences that family or student go through before reaching the best program for their needs can vary but they are enjoying themselves and learning along the way. 

When we add specificity to the front door, it becomes far easier to have enticing doors in the hallway. 

Eventually, you can remove some of the doors and streamline the process of getting from the entrance to the signature offer.

Starting to build your hallway we will either decide on the label for the front door – or labeling some of the doors inside.

Then it’s trial and error — begin testing out how these doors and the offers behind them align with the people you most want to serve.

You might not know what the front door is right when you get started and you might not know what interior door will be most attractive to the people who come wandering down your hallway — but once they are there, they will absolutely let you know. 

I like the idea of the hallways far more than a funnel because it feels like more of an organic process. 

Specificity is something we learn in time.

I offer no pitch connect calls via the http://callwithjaime.com link because I want to understand why you opened the front door THIS CORRIDOR!

The same goes for you — look at your current student base. What level of specificity can you draw from them? And look at your graduated students as well as the students who retired or quit. These are so of the strongest clues as to how you can increase specificity in your offer. 

And a bonus of specificity is that it helps you to stand out from every other teacher online. When we are known for something we become sought after.

It doesn’t have to happen overnight. You don’t have to shut the door on what you are currently doing as you design your future.

And we don’t have to get it right the first time!

We can always close a door and lock it so that it doesn’t get offered again. Or renovate and put on a mew front door!

I hope I didn’t take the analogy too far!

Seriously though – specificity and trial and error are the two greatest gifts we have in the online space!

I’d love to get your feedback on this episode, so connect with me on Instagram, I’m @jaimeslutzky.

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