177: Have a productive summer

Have you felt it? There has been a noticeable shift in the attitudes and outlook online over the past few weeks — the shift from school to summer!

And I’m hearing from many of you the desire to be productive without being busy, desire to launch in the fall but not do a lot right now and most resounding, the desire to make money without teaching all day.

So, today let’s talk about 3 ways to be productive this summer:

  1. Work on your fall programming with earnest
  2. Offer workshops and summer camps
  3. Do Q3/Q4 planning

Fall Programming

Every program we offer goes through five phases:

Idea ~ Mode of Delivery ~ Tech Considerations ~ Creation ~ Launch.

This summer is a great time to work at your own pace with a focus on completing multiple phases.

Summer Workshops

I spoke about these at length on Episode 172 & Episdoe 173

This is a great opportunity for both you and your students to explore aspects of the music scene and education outside of traditional lessons or your regular style of teaching

Plan Q3/Q4

Being productive comes from having a plan, so if you don’t have a plan for the final 6 months of the year, it’s time to get a plan in place.

Usually a plan starts with a goal, be it financial, student enrollment, student retention, programming options, or whatever you want, having a goal to work against will keep you focused and on task.

Join me for the Q3/Q4 planning workshop https://techofbusiness.thrivecart.com/2021-planning/

During our time together we will determine your goal, create a roadmap, build success metrics and more. This two hour session is going to be so powerful!

You can be productive this summer without being busy. I believe in you.

As always, I’m happy to jump on a call with you: http://callwithjaime.com


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