178: Asking the big *little* question of WHY!

We are just a day away from the second half of 2021 as of the time of this episode… and I have a big question for you…



  • Why are you doing your business the way that you are doing your business? 
  • Why are you servicing your clients and your students the way that you are servicing your clients or students? 
  • Why are you creating material for your students for your studio, the way that you are creating the material for your students and for your studio? 
  • Why are you offering lessons when you offer lessons? 
  • Why are you interacting with your students the way that you’re interacting with your students? 
  • Why are you taking payments the way that you are taking payments? 
  • Why are you doing booking the way you’re doing booking? 

Why is your business operating the way it is right now, as we cross into the second half of 2021? 


The question is, are we working smart? 

  • Are we working in a way that our businesses are serving our core desires, our core feelings, our core mission?
  • Are we working the way we always have or the way we thought we’re supposed to, or the way that someone else taught us? 


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What we’re really doing here is thinking about:

  • How we can make our businesses run better? 
  • How can our businesses support our dreams & our goals better? 
  • How can we use our time better? 
  • How can we achieve our goals for this year in a way that feels in alignment with our values? 
  • How can we make the second half of this year or the next six months if you’re listening in the future, the best they possibly can to align our business with our goals and have our business truly reflect why we continue down this path.

I want to challenge you to think about where we were 18 months ago as we were starting January of 2020. 

We didn’t know that there was going to be an educational revolution occurring over the forthcoming 18 months with so many opportunities online in order to just make ends meet

If you are like most of the listeners here and most of my clients online was a distant plan and now it’s everywhere. It is what we do. It is how we work. It is how we want to continue to work. 

I see this in facebook groups and communities and a part of all the time where music teachers were so resistant to teaching online and now I don’t want to teach in person anymore!

A lot of things have changed for these teachers, but what they haven’t changed and what you don’t have to change is why you are in this business, 

Why you do things the way you do can change, but why you are teaching the instrument or instruments or music or methodologies that you are teaching is for a greater purpose. It’s for a greater purpose in your own life and in the lives of the students that you’re teaching and that’s really the point. 

It doesn’t matter how we get there, it matters that we are on the right path. 

Why are you actually thinking about expanding online or why are you doubling down on your efforts to expand online? 

How is being online going to be super amazing? How is what you’ve got on deck going to improve everything that you touch? It’s not going to happen overnight, but if you create the right plan, if you put the right pieces in place and have a solid strategy for moving forward, you will get there. 

Your business as we turn the page to 2022 can be in complete alignment with why you’re in business. 

  • You may not deliver lessons the way you currently deliver lessons, 
  • You may not do billing the way that you currently do billing, 
  • You may not do scheduling the way that you currently do scheduling, 
  • You may not work with the same subset of students. 

It all takes a little bit of planning, a little bit of goal setting and a little bit of grit. 

We need to be disciplined enough to follow through on our hopes and dreams and wishes. Planning gets us there… I like half year planning at the end of June or beginning of July. And quarterly planning in late December or early January and then again in late March or early April. 

I love hosting planning sessions and I’ve got them scheduled according to the timeline I just listed. If you’re reading this/listening in real time then click over to https://techofbusiness.thrivecart.com/2021-planning/ and sign up for the next half year planning session. If that one has passed, send me a DMs on Instagram or Facebook and I’ll make sure you’re one of the first to hear about the next planning session.

Get back to why you’re doing this business, not why you’re doing the things that you do in the business but why the business exists and what it’s there to serve and how it can help you, your students, your family, your studio, your employees, everybody around you now and well into the future. 

Why is such a little word! Just three letters! But it is the starting point to so many opportunities with exploring. We are here to expand online. Clearly understanding why you show up every single day for your students is a start, but there is so much more, so let’s take that WHY to conversation — http://callwithjaime.com or if you think you need a bit longer https://techofbusiness.com/connect-call/ 

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