193: Talking the Business of Music and UMBS!


In this week’s episode, I have three amazing guests with me (all at once) to discuss something really special happening in January — UMBS, The Ultimate Music Business Summit!  


Find more info here: Ultimate Music Business Summit


Topics we discuss:


  • Their experiences with:
    • All things that go into being a small business owner — learning everything that goes into entrepreneurship, marketing, etc. Thinking “business-ly”
    • The mindset of applying business concepts to what we do as music teachers.
    • Finding value in our skill sets, pivoting, and knowing what you can offer your tribe
    • Shining a light on your products, services and offerings.
    • Charting their own journeys, but not having to do it alone! 
  • The upcoming Ultimate Music Business Summit! This is the second one they’re hosting, and they’re planning to make it even better than last year, and more valuable for people, especially people like YOU who are building your businesses, teaching music, and working to serve your students really well and then ultimately to make more money doing that.
  • The major benefit and takeaways from attending the summit:
    • Taking control of your own opportunities 
    • Scaling your offerings and serving your audience in new and innovative ways. 
    • Networking and collaborating and stepping out of your comfort zone and interacting for inspiration.
    • How can you use those connections to gain new opportunities. 
    • The business mindset and thinking of yourself as a business (i.e. money mindset)
  • The business space of music — how we can learn from each other no matter where you are in the process or what your niche is.
  • How musicians want to see other musicians succeed. 
  • Learning from others and applying it to your own business when you have an open and eager mindset to learn.


We also discuss The Business of Music.


When we’re all in this together, we are going to elevate the industry, Music transcends everything. You get music everywhere in every place that you can imagine. And even if you’re listening right now, and you’re teaching early primary piano, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still learn more advanced technique or learn how to interact with someone who teaches piano for people to get into, you know, to get a job or to get into a college career. Everything builds on each other and you may build a relationship with someone where you’re saying, okay, well I’m teaching piano and I take them through level two, I want to hand them off to somebody that I trust that teaches them the next level and you can build those relationships by being part of these professional communities. 


What do I want to accomplish by attending the summit? What do I want to accomplish professionally and personally as I’m navigating this next phase of my business? 

Through collaboration comes that relationship scale. Much like how Heidi and Garrett went from a podcast interview to colleagues on this executive committee for UMBS. and we’re thinking of different products and services, you know, maybe for years to come. 


By connecting to people through the summit, you are reinforcing who you are and what you do and the value of, not just what you do but of who you are.


The motivation and force that comes with a bunch of people coming together and propelling all of us forward and upward, and that’s something that comes from an event like this.


Come up with what you want your takeaway and what you’d like to learn and go into it with that in mind and you will come away with that and also.


Something actionable that people can do right now —  think strategically about all the offerings you currently put into the market. Have you thought through what are all the things you’re offering? And then when someone takes one of your offers, what’s the next step and how are you scaling that relationship with your client, growing them from a low price, low ticket offer through to your highest value offer?


I would encourage the listeners to try to come up with 3-4 different offerings at different price levels with different value added to it. So at the cheapest end, it would be one on one lessons for beginning students — that’s where most of us have our bread and butter, but there’s so much more we can do. You don’t just want that relationship to stale right there to just end. What are you going to offer them when they’re ready to move on? Either you pass that off to a colleague like you mentioned or you create a new offer. So think through what you are doing as a business, all the offerings you’re making and one way to create those offers is to think about the people you’re serving and what do they want need. 


We’re not in a place where we have to stay still, especially with everything online!

To learn more about the summit and see the list of presenters, head on over to Ultimate Music Business Summit and if you give enter your email address right now, they will send you the five steps that’s necessary to make money in music. 


And our guests today graciously offered for you to shoot them an email and tell them what questions you have or what problems you’re encountering in your business so that they can build this thing even better for you!


Where they can be reached individually:

Arthur: portlandcomposer.com for the composing site, firespike.com for the web development site, and on social media @arthurbreur 

Garrett: garretthope.com and theportfoliocomposer.com for the podcast. 

Heidi: heidikaybegay.com and on social media @heidikaybegay


Today’s guests:


Dr. Heidi Kay Begay is a self-employed flutist, educator, podcaster, and non-profit organizer. Heidi is the creator and host of the Flute 360 podcast, which delivers educational content (to the modern-day flutist) through various platforms. Since 2018, the podcast has produced over 170 episodes, received over 56,000 downloads from 70 countries, and has obtained numerous corporate sponsorships. Heidi’s mission is to help musicians reach new heights so they can feel empowered, confident, and have a life they love on and off the stage! Please visit https://heidikaybegay.com for more information!


Arthur Breur (he/him) composes personalized, melodic music for live performance, for everything from solo instrument or voice, to full orchestra, concert band, and other large ensembles.


His compositional style was shaped by three primary influences growing up: a strong church choir program, the great classic film scores of the 1970s, and children’s television programs like Sesame Street and The Muppets.


Arthur is the Composer in Residence for the Tualatin Valley Symphony and the Tualatin Valley Community Band, and uses his role not just for his own music, but to promote the creation and performance of new music by other composers.


Over the more than 35 years he has been composing, he has written more than 150 individual pieces, including works for five weddings, two musicals, bar and bat mitzvahs, and numerous video and film productions.


In addition to composing, he owns and runs a web development company that he founded in 2001 and has published the novels of three authors.


Arthur Breur currently lives in Portland, Oregon with his husband, Brian.


Dr. Garrett Hope’s purpose is to use his God-given creativity and communication skills to entertain and enlighten, draw people together for a common cause, and to coach others to see new opportunities.

An award-winning composer of film and concert music, Garrett engages with performers and audiences to tell stories and create life-changing experiences. He loves working with educational ensembles, and especially values his work with students.

As a coach and public speaker, Garrett empowers people to see new opportunities and take courageous action. He does this by helping them identify and break through the beliefs that they hold about themselves that are preventing them from achieving their potential. He helps creatives build networks and make strategic business decisions so they can make a living doing what they love.

Garrett holds degrees from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, the University of Northern Colorado, and Colorado Christian University. He is a native of Colorado, but currently lives in Nebraska with his wife and daughter.

For more information visit www.garretthope.com

Of course, here’s the link to book a call with me as well http://callwithjaime.com and if you loved this episode and want more interviews like this, let me know!

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