228: Starting a podcast: A candid conversation for music teachers


Do you love listening to this, business podcasts and other music-related podcasts?
Are you thinking about what your studio could look like if you had your own podcast?
Have you been thinking about ways to truly expand while also becoming an industry leader?
Well then, this conversation is absolutely for you. You’re joining Heidi Kay Begay from Flute 360, Ben Kapilow from All Keyed Up and me as we discuss starting a podcast, developing your podcast goals and so much more.
Ben started his podcast near the beginning of the pandemic as a way to better himself as a piano teacher. Heidi created her podcast as part of her doctorate and recently started her second podcast with a cohost. I have been running this podcast since 2018 and like to say “I haven’t missed a Wednesday!”
This podcast episode came together directly out of the Expand Online Summit which I hosted last month. Heidi, Ben and I had a different conversation on there and we all thought it was important to bring our collective voices to one another’s podcasts. This podcast episode in its entirety can be found on all three podcast feeds… so be sure to go and check them both out as well.
The biggest takeaway I hope you get from this conversation is that if you want to create a podcast, now is a great time to get started. It doesn’t have to be scary or feel overwhelming… you’ve got this and I am happy to support you however best I can.
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