229: The Intersection of Social Media and Email Marketing for Music Teachers


Did you know we are in week 25 of 2022 (as of the time of this recording.) I know that because every single one of the emails that I send out to my email list is coded with the week number and email number for my internal references!

I love looking at the stats between the first email of the week and subsequent emails, which had more opens? Which had more click-throughs?

Another thing I love is connecting with you – here’s my instagram https://www.instagram.com/jaimeslutzky/ and a call link https://callwithjaime.com. Let’s connect!

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The topic at hand is how social media marketing and email marketing intersect and feed and grow from one to the other and back and forth. 

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a tool that we can use to reach more ideal students online. It is as simple as that and most of the time, I’m talking specifically about Instagram and Facebook. 

What you do on social media is to engage people (specifically people who don’t yet know who you are.) You want to educate and entertain and motivate and have people thinking. That’s what you want to do with social media marketing. 

We want to create an opportunity to open the door for further conversation and this is done through consistent action, not done just by posting and running. That is probably the biggest taboo thing with social media, we want to be social and interact. 

Posting is super important but interacting with potential students is absolutely crucial. 

This is where searching and exploring come into play… they will help you find potential students and interact with them on their posts!

Soon, you’re going to start to have conversations! They may exist in the comments or they will be in the DMs. 

Next, we want to invite people off the platform. 

This comes in the form of inviting them to join our email list, get on a phone call or a zoom call with you. 

Consider social media as the first entry point into people’s world of knowing who you are and what you’re all about. And then from there, it’s all about extending the relationship, growing the relationship, nurturing the relationship. 

Someone might not want to go from a single comment that you make on their post straight into lessons or even into a phone call with you. They may want to take several steps, they may want to join your email list, get your emails for 2,3,4 weeks or months or years and then hire you and then buy your course and then join your membership site. 

It isn’t always a 1, 2, 3 thing. 

Oftentimes we have to take them through more steps than we probably think is necessary. But this is where the other side of online marketing is crucial. And that is your email marketing. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a way to connect with people who express interest in what you’re saying or doing. And we do this by getting them to open emails from you and learn from you for free from inside their inbox. 

Now, the stats on the number of people who open their emails and take action versus the number of people who take action on social media is incomparable! It is through the roof. 

People are much more likely to click on a link from an email than they are to click on a link in your bio on Instagram or even a link in a Facebook post. 

We want to really invite the conversation, nurture the conversation, engage with people through email because this is the way that they are going to begin to take action. 

This is the way that they are going to raise their hand and say: “You know what I am interested!  You know what, I think that you might be the right teacher for me!” 

Basically, we’re using email marketing with social media to first bring people into our sphere and then nurture them into becoming a paying student or client or customer. 

It is a 1-2 punch. 

It’s also true that from your email list you can direct people back over to social media such as by inviting them to join your Facebook group! This is a perfect 1-2-3 approach to building lifelong super fans.

Social media marketing and email marketing are brother and sister! They are attached to the hip. They work best when you use them together. 

That’s really what I wanted to share in today’s episode. 

Now, if you have started an email list and you don’t have a strategy for it, what good is it? what is it doing for you?

And, if you have started using social media and trying to market from it, but you don’t have a strategy then what good is it? 

Take a step back and think about what you want to accomplish through online marketing and then look at the tools, social media and email marketing to figure out how they can work to help you and to support you. 

Elevate is going to take you through all of this.

Take an honest look and say, can I do better? Can I do this more efficiently? Can I have a strategy that I can measure results against?

Here’s the key takeaway – all this is well and good, but you only know how well and good it is when you measure your results!

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