230: Getting started as a music teacher with email marketing


Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of online marketing… it existed before the social media platforms and still performs better than just about any other online marketing method… that’s not to say that the others aren’t important because they are crucial… can’t have an email list without generating traffic to that list – and that’s where Elevate! comes in… the social media + email marketing course for Music Teachers.

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OK, so now into email marketing!

We’re specifically calling out emails that you send through ConvertKit (or one of the other email marketing platforms) in this episode. If you don’t have one yet, click here to sign up for your ConvertKit account. You’ll be happy you did!

Every email relationship begins in one of three ways. 

  1. When someone downloads your freebie
  2. When someone buys a product or service from you. 
  3. Manually in the back end of the system. (Which usually comes about from an offline conversation or from social media.)

Make sure that you have consent before using your email marketing system to send emails otherwise you run the risk of being marked as spam and not being able to use email marketing.

People sign up for your email list for a variety of reasons, their level of being ready to buy varies greatly. And really the goal of sending emails is for them to keep you top of mind, we want to do this in three ways.

  1. Showing up in their inbox consistently
  2. Having great subject lines (which entice them to click)
  3. Providing value

We don’t want the message inside of those emails to fall flat and this is where we are in the thick of today’s episode.

Here are 5 templates for broadcast messages

The flushed out email

  • Start with an opener — the subject line and teaser.
  • Then guide the conversation — use a compelling statement
  • Then reassure your reader that they can do what’s next — provide evidence they can’t refute
  • Teach something — use bullets or numbering to lay it out in an easy to follow manner
  • Reassure your reader that they will be able to follow your steps — summarize and validate their concerns
  • Provide a call to action — tell them what to do next!

Quick Tip

You’re going to call out a quick tip or you know, a sparklet that inspired or motivated you or a student.

It’s going to be a paragraph or maybe two paragraphs long.

The CTA is likely going to be reply to this email.

Social Invitation

This email is an invitation to do something on social media. It may be to check out your recent reel or to join your Facebook group. 

For this one to be really effective, we want to have a compelling reason why this is going to benefit them. 

Ask yourself:

  • Why is this going to benefit your reader? 
  • Why are they going to take the time to click the link

Story telling

Here we get to go behind the scenes of your business or a theory or a methodology or maybe you’ll take a side in a polarizing issue that is relevant and timely/trending. (Make sure it is relevant, not just trendy, okay?)


Here’s where we present an offer for a product or a service or new openings!

The key with your promotional emails is that they have to feel authentic. They have to mesh with the vibe of all of your other emails. 

Your promotional emails are number five because we have to set a precedence inside our emails before we start using emails for promotion. 

Sending lots of emails is only good if people open them, engage with them and look forward to them. 

It doesn’t help to send emails all the time and for people to mark them as spam or for people to continually unsubscribe. That doesn’t move your business forward. 

The best way to get started sending emails regularly is to put it on your calendar.

Then schedule time for the creation that is set outside of the timeframe to send.

With regular and consistent emails people will start anticipating your emails.

Everything that I talked about in this episode is included and I go much deeper inside of Elevate!

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