237: 5 Reel Prompts for Music Teachers


Let’s talk about Instagram Reels!

Here we go… 5 Reel prompts, done 5 times each to make an absolute difference to the way you reach more ideal students (and their families) on Instagram.

Yes, I know these prompts can be used on other platforms or for other content creation needs, so go with it as you see fit!

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#1: Behind the scenes

This includes taking snapshots or short clips of things that are going on day-to-day in your business. Students don’t necessarily see this stuff, and by showing them more of yourself and your studio workings, we can start to build a connection.

#2: 3 Quick Tips

Three is an ideal number because you have up to 30 seconds on a reel and we want to make sure that we are giving ample time to the tips. The tips should build on each other.

#3: Trending Audio

This one is super, super fun because the first thing that you have to do is go on Instagram and watch reels. Take note of what audio is trending and resonates with you. When you tap on the audio at the bottom of the reel, you’ll be able to use that audio in your own reel. I like to save the audios so that I can keep on searching and then go back and create when I think I’ve had a good sampling.

The Instagram algorithm really likes trending audio. When you use trending audio, your reel becomes part of the audio’s story which increases your reach.

#4 Do This, Not That

This is a strategy where you can showcase what people normally do and what you recommend they do instead. Keep it fun and exciting and positive. 

And while we’re talking about this, it’s a great time to remind you that your reels do not need to be all talking head style… you can intersperse screens with just text or scenery or whatever. When you use your voice, you don’t need to have the text on the screen, but I do like to always make my reels available to be appreciated without audio.

And for #5, we have two options depending on who your target viewer is

#5a: Student montage and/or student wins

This allows your reels viewers to see real successes that your students have achieved and to envision themselves having those wins.

#5b: Your growth

Share what podcasts you’re listening to, what programs and courses and books you’ve purchased to help you do more, faster, better in your studio. Personal and professional development type content is what you’re showcasing here.

It’s saying this is how I am improving myself and my business so that I can benefit my students even more and help them progress even further. 

My challenge for you is to use each of the five prompts five times. 

You’ll be creating 25 reels over the course of 25 or more days. I’m personally posting 4 times a week, so it’ll take me just over 6 weeks to post my 25 reels.

Find a cadence that makes sense for you and structure your reels so that they are in alignment with your Instagram goals.

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And finally, take part in the challenge. Tag me or send me your reels. I would love to share them in my IG Story!

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