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About our guest

Ishita Arora is the CEO & Founder of Dayslice. She came up with the idea of creating Dayslice from an interesting perspective; as someone who had friends who were teachers and instructors who had expressed frustrations with their processes when it came to how their businesses were run, and as someone who has tried booking lessons with instructors in various fields and seeing the issues that came along with that. 

She wanted to come up with a way that took the frustration out of running the crucial parts of people’s businesses – for both the teachers and the students – to make the experience seamless!

What is Dayslice:


Dayslice steps in for your bookings, payment collections, reminders, communications and more – to automate these systemic functions.  Using Dayslice, you will have more time to focus on your favorite parts of running your online music studio! 

Why Dayslice:


Dayslice was created with the user in mind, with the focus being ease of use and quick set up, so that you can focus on YOUR zone of genius to run your business and not also worry about learning a bunch of new tech to do it!


Think about how much time you’ve wasted in the past (or, maybe you’re still stuck here) trying to come up with branding for your business. We’re not all graphic designers – and Dayslice takes a huge part of that off of your plate! They integrate with Pexels so that you get access to beautiful, high quality images and branding for your business that will be automatically sized to look “just right” at the top of your dayslice page.


And when it comes to colors, pull a couple from your new pexels photo or use existing brand colors. Dayslice will create a custom gradient with them to theme your site with ease.


The main feature of dayslice is calendaring and payments. Students can purchase single or multi-packs of lessons and schedule or reschedule as needed. Dayslilce has simplified the scheduling process and by taking payments ahead of rendering your music lessons, you won’t be chasing after missing funds.

Making it easy


You are in control of how students can purchase and schedule lessons. Lesson lengths are whatever you choose, with your desired buffer between them and according to your desired general availability with consideration for what is already on your Google calendar.


You are in control of your prices. Prices can be set for individual lessons and bundles or multi-packs at whatever number you desire. Students can book all sessions at once or book as they go. Optionally, you can set an expiration date for multi-packs.


Dayslice is also very passionate about their customer service, feedback, and the user experience – and because of their dedication to their clients they make themselves so easily available to you. They have options to reach out to support via email, text, getting on a call, etc. The days of talking with automated robots who can’t answer your frustrations are gone with Dayslice! 

Learn more about Dayslice, Ishita and her team at these links:

  • They also have a promotion running currently that anyone who signs up automatically gets a free month trial of Dayslice Pro so they can really assess the product to see if it’s a good fit before they put in their credit card!


Excited about hearing of the new software that could bring your online music studio all kinds of ease? Let’s talk about it! You can go on over to  Instagram and Facebook to send me a message or go ahead and schedule a time to talk with me over at https://callwithjaime.com


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