240: Online music education crossroads with Michelle Markwart Deveaux

In the early days of COVID, schools were hyper-focused on implementing remote learning modalities as an emergency response. As the pandemic has evolved, however, so too have education responses.
As we begin the 2023 school year, it appears that we have reached a crossroads between the online world and the offline world!
This crossroads is the theme of today’s conversation with business strategist and voice maven, Michelle Markwart Deveaux, who is the CEO of FaithCultureKiss Studios and the Founder of The SpeakEasy Cooperative, a vibrant online community for voice teachers and voice-related entrepreneurs.
Michelle has her finger on the pulse when it comes to both online and offline music education and, in this episode, she shares how you can take advantage of the unique value proposition that being online presents.
There is so much more to teaching music online than your lesson plan and there is a definite mindset shift from teacher to business owner, which Michelle believes is critical to your success. We touch on what it means to be a business owner who is in the business of teaching, rather than changing your identity.
Michelle shares her advice on structuring your business model around what you want your workday to look like, creating the course content that your audience needs, and focusing on important curriculum development, plus so much more!
There is no doubt that this discussion is going to get you thinking and help you make the impact you desire, so make sure not to miss it!
Topics discussed in this episode:
  • What Michelle means when she says we are at a crossroads
  • How music teachers have adapted to online modalities of running their businesses
  • A look at how the shift to online has become a unique value proposition for teachers
  • Tips for structuring your business model around what you want your day to look like
  • Key differences between online courses, one-on-one modalities, and in-person teaching
  • The value of pull marketing over push marketing: what does your audience want?
  • Responsibilities that come with choosing your path at the online/offline crossroads
  • The important mindset shift from teacher to business owner
  • Why hybrid models with online and in-person offerings are so attractive right now
  • How the online space has encouraged curriculum development
  • What you should be thinking about as you move into your next phase of growth
Learn more about The SpeakEasy Cooperative on their website.
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