244: Your “right size” online music course

Host Jaime Slutzky jumps right into this episode by answering the question, how long should your online music course be?
Depending on the audience, your course will vary widely on how to best present the material for student success. For example, a course for busy professionals who are taking music as a hobby may need content released on a more relaxed schedule or self-paced whereas a course for children may be best suited with a weekly drip.
A successful online course needs to have a clear goal in mind, so it’s imperative to structure your course effectively and spend time planning. The end goal for you, the teacher, is to have your students be successful, so keep them in mind at every step of this process.
Once you’ve figured out the course content and completed planning, you can start creating all the materials. Luckily, Jaime also offers recommendations for this, too!
Listen in for a crash course on creating the right size online course for you AND your students!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How long your online course should be
  • Using modules to structure your course
  • Having a clear vision for the course
  • What students need in an online course
  • Why online courses have a lot of drop off
  • Creating the online course and Jaime’s software recommendations
  • Jaime shares how two clients created their “right size” course
  • Easy action item to get you started!
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