247: Helping your students succeed with your online music course

You started an online course to increase your income without adding more students to your studio. Ensuring these students stay engaged and complete the course is a whole other challenge. 

It is no secret to anyone in the online course space that the drop off rates can be extremely high, so here on the Music Teachers: Expand Online podcast I am showcasing how to insert guardrails in your course structure to keep your students on the correct “road” to learning.

It all starts with creating a positive learning structure from the beginning. Set expectation, provide space for engagement, feedback and assessments. These will help you will see the drop out rate of your course dwindle.

This is not only beneficial for your students who always have a path back to their studies, but to you, the course creator, to have a great product you can stand behind.

Tune in to hear how you can lower your abandon rate by following a few simple steps!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Where do students come into your course?
  • How to ensure your student moves into the right “road”
  • Setting expectations for students
  • Selling your students back to their studies
  • Importance of interaction
  • Which “road” is optimal
  • Importance of using assessments 
  • Evolving with your students

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