250: ️🎉 Your Questions Answered ️🎉

First and foremost, THANK YOU! Thank you for all your support and questions that you, the listeners, have presented to me which has helped me to get to a whopping 250 episodes.

So for today’s episode, as Jaime Slutzky’s gift to you, she will be answering all of your burning questions about how to teach music online, and much more.

We will be covering 5 questions today that stood out the most and will give you the most value in understanding how to excel in creating an online course.

Tune in today to hear tips that could change the course of your online school, and elevate the experience for your students.

You don’t want to miss this one!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Why should you use a domain.com email address instead of gmail?
  • What does Jaime’s email welcome sequence look like?
  • Does Jaime still recommend Thinkific?
  • What is the difference between a course, a workshop, and a membership?
  • What is the greatest lesson Jaime has learned in these 250 episodes?

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