251: Making changes in your music studio

Change can feel scary, but sometimes making a change can be the deciding factor of the growth of your online music studio. It is important to know what to change, so identifying the areas that are important is crucial to this decision.

In today’s episode, our host, Jaime Slutzky, is going over the 3 main areas of change you should consider when thinking about growing your online course. The 3 areas you should consider are your offerings, back office, and availability.

Making the right changes in these three areas can catapult your business, so we want to share how to do that in this episode.

Tune in to hear a breakdown of the 3 areas of change to consider, and how to implement them to grow your online music studio!

Topics discussed in this episode:


  • Getting over the fear of changing your offers
  • Identifying aches and what they mean
  • Auditing your back office tools
  • Setting boundaries around your availability

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