267: Tips for Recording Video for Online Music Courses

In this episode of the Music Teachers Expand Online Podcast, host Jaime Slutzky shares tips on how to record video for online music courses. She describes the three types of videos music teachers can create, including talking head videos, screen capture videos, and demonstrative videos, and suggests that a hybrid of these video types may be required for a particular lesson.

Jaime also provides two approaches for recording these videos, including using multi-cam or OBS type software on the front end, or doing post-editing using video editing software like iMovie or Camtasia.

Key Points:

  • Three types of videos that music teachers can create for their online courses: talking head videos, screen capture videos, and demonstrative videos
  • Create a predictable recording space including position of the camera, background and lighting
  • When using notes or a script, position the content so that you can access it while still making a connection with your student through the screen
  • And finally done is better than perfect


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