266: Online music course goals and metrics

In this episode of the Music Teachers Expand Online Podcast our host, Jaime Slutzky, discusses the tangible and measurable side of online course creation. Namely, making sure that your online efforts contribute in a tangible way to course sales.

She emphasizes the importance of creating an audience first before creating the course and validating the offer by ensuring it matches what the audience wants and needs.

The areas Jaime discusses in regards to goals and metrics are

  1. Audience building, audience growth and audience awareness goals.
  2. Sales goals (use the good-better-best methodology)
  3. Course content creation metrics (aka timeline to actually get the course created!)
  4. Tracking and goal setting for your online marketing efforts
  5. Understand the way a student interacts and flows through your tech (this isn’t exactly a goal or metric, but critical to feeling confident in selling!)

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Top takeaways:

  • Creating a profitable online music course requires setting goals and metrics to ensure success.
  • It is important to use tools like spreadsheets or apps to track progress and interactions instead of relying on memory.
  • You can start selling your course even before it’s fully created, but make sure you have a structured course outline and know what goals the course will help students achieve to instill confidence in your potential customers.

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