271: Overcoming Fears and Taking Action: Growing Your Music Teaching Business Online

In this episode of the Music Teachers Expand Online podcast, host Jaime Slutzky addresses the fears that often come with creating an online course, workshop, program, or even a freebie for email marketing.

Fears can hold us back from taking action. Jaime dives into each fear and provides insights on how to overcome them, demonstrating combating them using a freebie to grow your email list.

Learn how to put fear in its place and take steps towards expanding your music teaching business online.

  • Fear of failure: Worries about putting in effort and not seeing results
  • Fear of success: Concerns about how to keep up with the success of a product or service
  • Fear of technology: Overwhelmed by options and potential challenges of using technology
  • Imposter syndrome: Feeling unworthy or not qualified to offer a product or service
  • Fear of commitment: Feeling that you’re roped into offering this product or servive in perpetuity.

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