276: The Art of Customer Service for Online Music Teachers

In this episode of the Music Teachers Expand Online podcast, hosted by Jaime Slutzky, a technology strategist dedicated to supporting music teachers and musicians in their online endeavors, we delve into the crucial topic of customer service and its role in creating a remarkable student journey.

Join us as we explore the power of personalized interactions, exceptional experiences, and leading with generosity to differentiate yourself in the digital realm. Discover how to captivate your audience, build meaningful connections, and unlock the full potential of your online music teaching business. Get ready to expand your horizons and gain insights that will elevate your customer service game.

Highlights include:

  • Customer service is a tool that can differentiate online music teachers.
  • Personal outreach can be the difference between someone learning from you or moving on.
  • Leading with generosity and curiosity helps create a positive customer service experience.

Before you move onto whatever is on your agenda after you finish listening, take a few moments to look at what you’re using to present yourself online. Be critical and be excited about shifting towards a greater customer experience.

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