031: Beyond scheduling needs; how Shannon Crow built a relationship with Schedulicity

I invited Shannon onto the podcast to talk about Schedulicity and how she uses it in her businesses. We took that and ran with it. Towards the end of the episode we did a mini-tech breakthrough session because Shannon was really interested in my perspective on something that was tripping her up.

Topics Discussed

  • Online Scheduling Software: Schedulicity
  • Using the online chat or means of contacting your software provider
  • Mini Tech Breakthrough – switching from MailChimp to ActiveCampaign
  • Using Slack in conjunction with a Trello workflow for podcast production and release

Key Takeaways

  • Understand what you need your software to do. In Shannon’s case, partial payments and credit card holds were critical to taking up a spot in a workshop or class.
  • Investing in relationships, even with software providers and their support staff, can do great things for your business. In Shannon’s case, it landed her a podcast sponsor!
  • When adding new software or systems to your business, take a look at what you have and take a look at what you want. Try to hit a couple items on your want list and see how it goes. Don’t expect your entire wish list to transpire all at once by making one software change.

Episode Quotes

“Shannon, you have a podcast sponsor because you took the time to say ‘I wish’” – Jaime Slutzky

“They will routinely call me to have me sign up… and I ask them ‘Can you Beat Free’” – Shannon Crow

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