032: Helping Facebook help you with Facebook Marketing Specialist, Meg Brunson

Meg is a former Facebook employee who now offers done for you Facebook marketing services. She transitioned from working on the platform to working in the platform so that other business owners could stay in their own zone of genius (not to mention that she has four daughters that she is now present and available for!)

Topics Discussed

  • Having success on the Facebook platform
  • Standard Facebook Events and Custom Conversions
  • Google Tag Manager

Key Takeaways

  • The number one element that we need to effectively use the Facebook platform for our businesses is the Facebook pixel. It will allow you to do three main things:
    • Track analytical data on your Facebook ads
    • Optimize your Facebook ads
    • Retarget audiences
  • The tracking code will be place on the page immediately after the desired action is taken. If someone is purchasing a product, the purchase event will go on the thank you page for that product.
  • Google Tag Manager allows you to have a dashboard to manage all your tracking events for your site in one single place rather than having to add unique event codes throughout your site.
  • Inside Tag Manager, you’ll be able to
    • Create a Tag (names: 30 seconds on a page, button click, etc.)
    • Input the Standard Facebook Event code inside the tag
    • Set a trigger (ie: when Tag Manager should fire that event to Facebook)

Episode Quotes

“You need to look at it as your funnel. You want to track people at every step of the funnel… Really itemize each step of that funnel.” – Meg Brunson


“Just about anything that you would need to install code on your website for… Google Tag Manager can handle it!” – Meg Brunson

Be sure to listen to the end of the conversation to hear how we round out the trifecta of knowledge that Meg shares.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to add new Facebook tracking events into Google Tag Manager

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