149: Why You? Why Me? Why Now?

December is a unique time of year. There is a lot of reflection, planning and thinking goes on this month. Which is why I believe now is the right time to look objectively at your Expand Online desires — and ask the questions: Why you? Why me? Why now?

Why you’re the right person to bring your online program into reality.
Why I’m perfectly poised to be on this journey with you.
Why now is the absolute best time for you to put your stake in the ground and say “Yes, I am ready to do this!”

Why you?

You are amazing. You have students who learn from you and go on to bring their art/music/creativity/expression of emotion into their daily lives. You have the credentials and the expertise to create your online program.

A core belief of mine: if we want to do something, nothing needs to stand in our way (not time, not tech, not resources, not naysayers.) If you want to impact your students and help them to tap into their creativity and their genius — then you can do it!

There are so many different ways for us to build relationships with our students — many of the online means do not revolve around only face-to-face one-to-one methods.

If your vision is larger than one-on-one lessons, you are the right person to bring that group program to life!

If you have an inkling of an idea, get started on it. One of the really awesome things about online programs is that they can be what you want them to be — nobody can dictate to you how they are structured. The length, structure and format are all up to you! The principle to adhere to is that your programs need to be authentic to you, your methods, your teaching style, your students and their goals… that’s it!

Now, why me?

You probably don’t have anyone in your realm other than me who is as passionate about making sure that technology works for you and your business every single day. It is probably in my DNA to make technology, make software, work the way that it needs to for the individual.

Many other people who help art and music instructors create online programs do it in the form of “I did it this way so I’m going to teach you exactly how I did it and you’re going to have raving success.” And while that method works because they are proof that the software they used works in their space, it, in my opinion, is not the best approach because it has limitations.

When I work with you, through the Expand Online Incubator (click here to book an info call) my goal is to make sure that you have the best right tools to get your program launched and running methodically. It is on me to find the right tools to make that happen… you don’t have to leave your zone of genius and spend endless hours researching tech and learning how to on YouTube. I’m going to balance ease of use, ease of setup and the financial side of things to make sure we are picking the right software tool for you!

It’s not a cookie cutter approach. Just as you don’t teach your students exactly the same way each time, I don’t structure your online program the same way as the next client. I’m not willing for “make due” or “get it to 90%.” The technology is supposed to help you accomplish your vision. It’s not supposed to interfere or dictate the way that you do things in your program.

Tech should help you do things the way you want rather than the other way around.

Why now?

I believe that 2021 is the year of online group programs where the learning modules are succinct and easy to follow, where there is accountability among students and where there is ample access to the instructor in the form of group video calls as well as feedback and assignment loops.

It can be scary to decide to create an online program, especially if you’ve found your groove with virtual one-on-one lessons. But now is the time to create your program because we don’t know what’s coming next. Nobody could have predicted 2020 the way it’s unfolded, we cannot predict 2021. We don’t know how much longer it’s going to be that we remain with shuttered studio doors, indoor mask requirements and so on.

Creating your online program now is a surefire way to make sure that your business is 2021 ready. How long have you been thinking about creating an online program? No need to sit on it any longer… you might have some new open pockets of time this month (because lessons are on hold for the holidays) — let’s fill those pockets of time with planning and execution for this program!

Think about your students and their learning and their goals. How can you create something that helps them stay excited about learning with you without the face-to-face endless video calls?

I like to say that we are going to move into a new phase of normal — your online program has a perfect home in that new phase, no matter what happens with in person opportunities. Let’s not put your program back on the shelf — now is the right time to work on it and bring it to life for your students.

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