242: Using Trello and Todoist to Expand your Music Studio

There are many online tools out there to help with organization and ideation, however our host Jaime Slutzky has found two specific excellent tools that have helped her in her business, as well as create her online course. 

Jamie uses Trello and Todoist to separate her roles within her business as business owner, and running her business. Using online tools in a simplified way to separate your roles within your business is going to help make things so much smoother. 

Trello can be used for ideation where Todoist can be used for organizing and setting deadlines. Another benefit is these tools are they can be used from your computer and your phone so you can work whenever and wherever your creativity hits, as well as stay on top of productivity.

Tune in to hear how you can use both Trello and Todoist by following Jaime’s step by step processes to elevate your online course today!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How Jaime uses Trello
  • Step by step process of creating a Trello board
  • How Jaime uses Todoist
  • Step by step process of creating a to do list in Todoist
  • Importance of NOT working out of your inbox
  • Combining Trello and Todoist
  • Why Jaime likes to work inside Todoist and Trello
  • The order in which you should use Trello and Todoist
  • Action item for you!

Connect with Jaime:

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